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Jealous of Thor’s Muscles? Chris Hemsworth’s Workout Program Centr Is Now 25% Off

It makes sense that one of the most ripped Avengers would come out with his own fitness app. Besides having some decent acting skills, Chris Hemsworth’s body is pretty much a walking billboard for workout out and eating consciously. Centr, a collaboration between Hemsworth and the trainer who got him in ripped shape to play Thor, offers comprehensive, personalized programs and meal plans in a single digital platform that’s easy to use. Right now, it’s also on sale during Cyber week for 25% off with subscriptions starting at just $7.50 a month. 

Centr’s Workout Programs

Centr has a few different workout programs you can opt into and customize based on your availability, equipment and goals. Their latest release is dubbed

1. Power — This program is their latest release and focuses on bulking up while building strength for results either in-home or at the gym.

2. Ignite — A six-week program that blends strength and cardio for a full-body sweat session

3. Align  A program with a focus on yoga and pilates

For options both with equipment and without either at the gym or home, Centr’s large range of programs allows you to truly customize the experience for your lifestyle and goals. 

Courtesy of Centr

Centr Membership: What You Get

With a Centr membership, you get access to world-class trainers with over 1,400 workouts based on those needs. Unlike other workout programs, Hemsworth’s service also includes a built-in nutritionist, with over 800 dietician-approved meals to help you get back on track with healthy eating. A more accessible alternative to gym memberships and personal trainers, Centr even offers tools for insomniacs and stressed-out folks with tier meditations and sleep visualizations from special guests like Taika Waititi. 

Based on reviews, the results speak for themselves. Users appear to have a boosted mood and better motivation (which, let’s be real, we could all use in the wintertime) as well as results that showed up quicker than expected. For busy people, Chris Hemsworth’s workout brand can help simplify your life.  Providing not just an exercise service but healthy meal ideas for all dietary requirements and de-stressing tools, it’s a self-care essential to help you be your best self in every sense. 

With a major price slash for Cyber week and 7 days free to start with, there’s no reason not to try it out. Why not give yourself (or a loved one) the gift of a personal trainer, professional chef and meditation coach all in one?