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You Need One (or More) of These 7 Amazing Pet Christmas Costumes. (And One For Yourself, Too.)

Christmas is, as the song goes, the most wonderful time of the year, if you celebrate. If you’re an animal, though, it’s….Sunday. That is, of course, unless you foist your festive cheer upon them with pet Christmas outfits.

Yes, these hilarious holiday pet costumes look great, and they’re a million Instagram posts waiting to happen. Your fur babies will have the faces that launch a thousand holiday cards. Realistically, though, these are for humans. No amount of anthromorphism will make your little ones actually enjoy this unique form of holiday cosplay. But you will, and it’s harmless, and that’s what’s important.

So here we are, with seven great pieces of pet Christmas clothes (and one for humans, because pets should not have to endure embarrassment alone). It’s your chance to make your little buddies go “ho ho hooo my gosh what have you done to me?”

This 4-piece set of pet Christmas clothes comes with one set of reindeer antlers, one Santa hat, one holiday scarf, and one holiday cape, enough good cheer to deck out two of your little buddies as Santa and a Reindeer. We just hope your cats are declawed.

Cringeworthy festive fun isn’t just for small dogs and cats. It takes a big doggo to be Santa’s buddy as he delivers toys to all the good girls and boys! This costume goes up to XXL in size, 23.2 inches in back length, for the truly big’uns.

The best costumes for cats and little dogs? Clearly the ones that come with fake arms to make them look like they’re walking erect. We’ll go to the mattresses on that one. And they don’t know why everybody’s laughing! Nor do they care so long as you drop a piece of turkey or three during dinner.

Christmas long johns for tiny dogs, complete with a reindeer hoodie. How do they pee or poop? Don’t ask us, that’s too much to bear. (There’s a hatch down there. Just be sure to unsnap it before the, um, festivities begin, or you’ll be asking Santa for new gloves.)

So you have a larger dog and it’s tired of being teased by the mini-Yorkie next door for not rocking a pair of dog Christmas pajamas? Fear not, these are made for medium and large-sized dogs. Tell that teacup-sized terror to pipe down.

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We know, this list has been very biased against non-canines and non-felines. Fear not, lovers of rabbits and guinea pigs (and chinchillas, and hedgehogs…), we’ve got you covered. More accurately, we’ve got them covered with these woolen holiday hats and scarves!

Surely we haven’t left out the reptiles! While you’re enjoying your Christmas turkey and giggling yourself silly over the dog and cat and bunny flopping about in their holiday best, there’s a lonely lizard munching on crickets feeling unloved. Until now! Your 2023 Christmas cards are set — you’re welcome!

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Surely you didn’t think you were escaping unscathed, did you? If you’re going to make your pets dress up, it’s the least you can do. Upload a pic of your favorite fur baby and your custom Christmas pajamas are going to be amazing.