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The Best Gifts Under $5 That Are Actually Nice

There are plenty of occasions that aren’t birthdays or holidays when you want to get someone a little something without breaking the bank. Surprisingly, there are plenty of gifts under $5 that people will love and appreciate.

Even if you’re only dropping $5, you want it to be $5 well spent. Whether you’re looking to commemorate a work achievement for a colleague or surprise a friend with something out of the blue, these affordable gift ideas are all thoughtful and useful options. Some fall into the classic gift category that everyone will enjoy, while others can be more fun or uniquely tailored to the recipient. They’re truly some of the best gifts under $5 that you can find, and they all make for an easy, versatile and low-commitment purchase. It might be best to order some just to have on hand in case anything calls for a gifting moment.

Read on to explore a sampling of our favorite gifts under $5 that you definitely won’t regret buying. There’s no doubt that you won’t come across stocking stuffer ideas or inexpensive Christmas gifts for someone who deserves a little pick-me-up. 



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Everyone deserves a little self-care. And what better way to treat someone than to gift them with the most hydrating sheet mask? TONYMOLY has a fun collection of functional masks free of parabens, talc and color additives — all of which you can snag for under $5. UO is even running an unbeatable 3-for-8 deal.

best home good


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The best candles to gift are the ones with unique qualities such as these bubble-shaped block candles that cost under $5. They’re vegan, eco-friendly and handmade with love. It’s a great option for a housewarming gift or for anyone who could benefit from adding a little brightness to their home.



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Socks may be the most common gift under $5, however, they make for a great stocking stuffer idea. Not to mention, everyone needs a pair especially ahead of the year’s coldest season. Luckily, Uniqlo has 50 different colored styles to choose from — enough for you and the whole family.


In the post-COVID era, this is a great gift that anyone will find extremely useful. You just pop one of these tools onto your keychain and it’s with you at all times for pressing elevator buttons, taking money out of an ATM, or even latching onto door handles to open them without touching a thing. It’s a gift that everyone will appreciate these days.


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These stainless steel drinking straws are the perfect gift under $5 to help people become more eco-friendly. They look great in any cocktail or displayed in the kitchen or on a bar cart, and are a better alternative than those old plastic straws. Packaged in the cotton pouch comes two straight straws, two slanted straws and one cleaning brush, in case you want to take them on the go.

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This is a unique take on a classic gift. Instead of getting a succulent, go for this affordable aloe vera plant. For under $5, you’ll be giving someone a plant that can last over 100 years with proper care and is easy to keep alive. Not only will it make anyone’s home more vibrant, but they can actually utilize aloe vera for medicinal purposes. It’s a lot to give for such a low price.



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Public Goods gives off a subtle touch of luxury; you would never guess this bar soap is under $5. Anyone would appreciate its citrus medley of fresh grapefruit, juicy mandarin, Mediterranean herbs and woody undertones, all powered by their special formula of essential oils.

Best For hosting


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If you know anyone who values their kitchen aesthetics and may have some bartending experience, this is the perfect gift under $5. This glass would be a great addition to their barware collection should the recipient host any guests for special occasions. It has an elegant diamond pattern to resemble cut crystal and offers a timeless, sophisticated look. Honorable mention: it’s dishwasher safe.



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When gifting the athlete or gym rat who wears a small in your family or on your work team, Under Armour has a gift box kit under $5 recommended for t-shirts, shorts, and polos. For your convenience, the box includes packed with tissue paper, the brand’s gift label & three quick-seal stickers.

Most convenient

AirPods are one of the most popular earphones in the game, and we want to take them everywhere — to the gym, on our commute to work, on the plane, etc. So why not get a convenient, protective case under $5 that can latch onto your backpack or belt loop? This gift for him-her will come in handy.

best toy

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When you’re idle and want to cure boredom, whether at home or in the office, the classic Slinky toy will surely do the trick. It’s been around for 75 years and still hasn’t worn off in terms of fun — and that goes for kids and adults. This gift under $5 will be addictive for someone you love.

best for rest

Better sleep is one of the best gifts you could possibly give. And this sleep mask under $5 will do just that — help you fall into a deep slumber. It’s lightweight, breathable, and has a 3D Ergonomic Design. It’s adjustable and super comfortable to wear, so it won’t move while you’re catching your Zs.