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The OnePlus Nord N300 Delivers Premium Value at a Sub-Premium Price

It can feel like the smartphone market is flooded with options, but the majority of those are on the high end. Even more affordable options, like the Pixel 6a, are still usually $400+. The new OnePlus Nord N300 comes with a lot of the same features you expect in a high-end smartphone, but it does start at only $228.

That’s a staggeringly low price for a phone with this many bells and whistles. It has a lot going for it, too, like storage capacity up to 1TB, a 90Hz display, and much more. The phone will be available in the United States starting on November 3.

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What We Love About The OnePlus Nord N300

It’s time to admit that a smartphone isn’t a luxury item, but a necessity. The ability to stay connected on the go is vital, and has only become even more so since so many people are now working from home. The starting price point of $228 makes this phone more accessible for almost everyone, even those with tight budgets.

Sure, the $228 version only comes with 64GB of storage, but that’s a fine starting point and preferable to no phone at all. Pair that with the potential to have much more storage (up to 1TB total), and you have a budget phone that’s worth your consideration. It also comes with up to 2.4GHz of processing power, 4GB RAM, and a fast charger in the box. The 5,000 mAh battery capacity is more than the iPhone 14 has to offer and will keep the phone going all day long.

OnePlus Nord N300

The camera is also quite impressive, with a 48MP main camera and a 2MP depth lens. OnePlus’ Nightscape and EIS technology let even amateurs take great photos in low-light conditions, while the 6.56-inch, 90Hz display will make it easy to see every frame of video you capture. It’s also great for gaming; a refresh rate that high means you’ll have an edge up on the competition if they’re using a lower frame rate. At the very least, it’ll make lining up those headshots easier.

The OnePlus Nord N300 is a great addition to the OnePlus lineup, and if the company’s previous earbuds are any indication, will also sound great when watching content.


OnePlus Nord N300 Pricing And Availability

The OnePlus Nord N300 will be available at T-Mobile on November 3 for $228. Naturally, its ultra affordable cost paired with 5G connectivity should make it a top contender for consumers shopping for the best budget phones.

OnePlus Nord N300

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